Credit hire

Replacement car

If you have been faced with a non fault accident we can ensure that you and your damaged car will be taken care of. At CCHL we provide replacement vehicles that our customers are satisfied with whilst theirs is going through a claims and repairs service.

 If the vehicle accident was not your fault, you are entitled by law to recover all your costs and expenses from the driver at fault.  We provide like for like car hires and like for like courtesy cars following non fault road traffic accidents

Compass provide vehicles based on the circumstances of the accident and the customers individual requirements and need for a vehicle. As long as the accident is not your fault you are entitled by law to recover all your costs and expenses from the at fault driver by law, and put back in the same position as you were before the accident happened

Prestige car hire

As part of our replacement car hire service, we give our clients a like to like car, from a Toyota to a Mercedes Benz. We want our clients to feel as if they never got off the road, through providing prestige car hires for those who have had accidental damages in a prestige car.

Vehicle repairs

CCHL work with a number of specialist vehicle repair centres that will recover any damages to your car whether it is a small dent or whether there is more of a major damage. We will recover any type of car and provide you with a like for like hire vehicle until your car is out of the repairs services. We also offer free delivery of your newly recovered car to your doorstep.

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