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We can provide a replacement vehicle in the event of a non fault motor accident

Claims & credit hire ltd has teamed up with a number of professional organisations to provide accident management solutions to innocent parties involved in a motor accident

Our dedicated customer services team works around the clock to ensure that every things runs smoothly from the initial accident notification to the settlement of your claim.

We have access to a wide range of vehicles and can help a wide range of people extending from the individual motorist to multinational fleet managers

We aim to provide a fast and efficient accident management service.

  • Repairs: When your vehicle goes in for repairs you will require a replacement vehicle. We can provide you with a like for like or better vehicle when your car is in for the repair service. The cost of a replacement vehicle will be directed at the fault of the party’s insurance so you don’t have to worry about any replacements/vehicle costs

No win no fee

What does ‘No win no fee’ mean?

No win no fee is a phrase you see a great deal in relation to personal injury compensation claims. It refers to a ’conditional fee agreement’. This means that a solicitor will only be paid if your claim is successful. If your claim win your ‘no win no fee’ claim, the losing party will have to pay the solicitor’s fees and all the extra costs involved in your case. You wont have to pay a penny! No win no fee legal help is your right.

With many no win no fee lawyers around, it is vital that you choose the best. Our personal injury experts know the no win no fee accident compensation process inside out. No win no fee to us means you receive 100% of your compensation. We will make sure your questions are answered and make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your claim. Keeping you informed and in the loop.

With no win no fee legal help from CCHl you have access to expert personal injury advice. Your chances of success couldn’t be better

Is the accident your fault? No worry we will still offer our services to you

Whether you were in an accident and the fault was yours or not we offer services in order for car repairs and car hired. We will take full care of your car, making sure you can be back on the road with a like for like replacement whilst your damaged vehicle is in repair.  You keep our vehicle until such time your vehicle is repaired. Call our accident helpline for a full consultation on our services and costs.. We provide a post accident vehicle hire and vehicle damage repairs

Professional personal injury lawyers

At CCHL we work with specialist personal injury lawyers across the UK so that you can get the advice you need and the compensation that you deserve, without all the stress and hassle. Our stress-free service puts you in touch with experience personal injury solicitors who deal specifically with your type of situation, with physical and psychological injury caused by negligence and accidents.

You can be assured that all of our specialist personal injury lawyers work under the strict professional code of conduct, give a top quality service, handle your claim in the strictest confidence, have the correct insurance and the vital experience needed to handle your claim and get you the best settlement.

  • If you have been injured in the last three years that was no your fault
  • We can help you claim the right compensation you are legally entitled to at no cost to you

Free no obligation advice from our personal injury solicitors


Public place incident

98% of our Public Liability compensation claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement- there is no financial risk to you.


Claiming Compensation for an Accident in Public 

If you have had an accident in a public place such as in a supermarket or on a street, then you may be entitled to get compensation, If your claim can prove that at the public premises insufficient health and safety provisions being made .

All companies and councils have the responsibility of providing a duty of care to the public and to employees.

If you feel there was no duty of care where your accident occurred, call us now for advice and support on your claim

“Mum Gets Compensation from Marks & Spencer

A mother has received compensation from Marks & Spencer after her three-year-old daughter’s hand was trapped in a checkout at its Simply Food branch in the Rushes shopping centre, Loughborough. As Rachael Dyer was being served, her daughter Bryonie – now five – perched on a metal bar running alongside, which trapped the middle finger of her left hand between two”

Workplace incident

Your employers have the responsibility of a duty of care to provide a safe environment within the workplace

You can claim compensation for a work accident injury whether you were working as a full time or part time employee, a temporary worker, a self-employed contractor or if you were just visiting a business at the time of the accident.

Employers are required by law to have valid Employers Liability insurance cover to protect people from workplace accidents. In most work accident claims the case for compensation is brought against the Employers’ Liability insurance company, and not the employer